Night Sight photos of Tachikawa shot on Google Pixel 3

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Night Sight photos of Tachikawa shot on Google Pixel 3


I recently got a new phone Pixel 3. I’ve been an iPhone user for many years but I did not feel like getting the latest iPhone for some reason. I’m ok with the general experience but it was getting expensive and expensive with the functions I probably don’t use. One of my friends in the U.S. recently got a Pixel 3 and it got my attention. I looked it up and noticed there are many things that I’d like to try out. Smart phones, nowadays, does not really impress me because I’m so used to using it and all the new features they keep adding every year seems to be something so trivial that doesn’t really excite me. Just browsing through Pixel 3 functions and reviews, on the other hand, got me excited and made me want to use the phone.
Ever since then, I was waiting for the Google store sales. Make no mistake. Pixel 3 isn’t cheap at all. The official price starts at 95,000 yen and that’s the minimum storage. After a week or so, Google finally started a Valentine’s day sale which was 20,000 yen off and I did not miss that chance.

Night Sight photos of Tachikawa

One of the big reasons that I got Pixel 3 is the camera. Even though it’s equipped with just a single camera lens, it takes some great photos. Google’s Night Sight is probably the best night mode for any smartphones available in the market. It’s a well-known fact that smartphones are not good at taking photos at night. Well, not anymore with Pixel 3.

These photos below are shot just from the balcony of my house, Tachikawa Garden Town. You can obviously tell which one is shot with Night Sight. This stand alone AI-powered night mode does all the trick. Just to remind, it was extremely dark when I shot this. The right side photo was also shot on Pixel 3 but not with Night Sight. It’s still not bad but it’s much darker.

スクリーンショット 2019-02-25 23.50.40

I was shocked to see the difference actually. Look at the detail of the lawn on the ground. It’s amazing how detail the camera captured in the darkness.
For the record, I did not use a tripod or any other camera equipment. I was just holding it with my hand when I shot these photos.
The detail is even obvious with the photos below. It slightly rained before I took these photos so the ground was wet. The floor was so clear. I can bet my old phones could capture nothing but darkness.

スクリーンショット 2019-02-25 23.51.22

*Shot at Tachikawa park right behind Tachikawa Garden Town.

I have to admit that these photos are way brighter than it actually seems. In other words, these photos are not exactly what I saw with my naked eyes. This is the part some people are not really happy with, I assume. I love it. At least, Night Sight made me feel that I can go out at night and still enjoy photo shooting. And, that is a game changer.

*Shot at GRANDUO Tachikawa, one of the biggest buildings around Tachikawa Station. Note that there are some reflections on the window that you can see.

It’s not just Night Sight that is remarkable. These photo below was taken earlier without the Night Sight. You can see it’s still good even without the night mode. The colors are vivid compared to other cameras.

*Shot at Tachikawa Minami, one of the monorail stations of Tama monorail.

*Shot at the Instant Ramen Museum in Yokohama.

The photos I showed above are not very professional but still turned out fine. I’m generally happy with the Pixel 3. Especially the camera really impressed me. Next time I’ll try to take a photo with my housemates in Tachikawa Garden Town.
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