The backyard BBQ in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2

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The backyard BBQ in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2


What would be the best way to spend time on the weekend? I would say BBQ if it’s warm outside.
BBQ in the backyard is something I do with my ex-housemates in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2. There’s a backyard which is big enough to fit everyone living in the house and even visitors from outside.
I really cannot think of a better place to BBQ than a backyard. There’s a BBQ grill that Oakhouse manager bought for the house. There are dishes and utensils that we can use. All we need was charcoal and food to grill.


Everything starts by starting a fire. Our usual choice for shopping BBQ stuff is Donki. There’s a big one in Kichijoji, walking distance from the station.
Although someone buying everything for everyone is a choice, we usually don’t do this because you never know who’s coming to the party after all. Splitting cost sounds fair but the person buys the food is always taking the risk of paying too much.
Instead, potluck style works better for a place like a share house. There’s no need to calculate the cost and splitting up. There won’t be too much food or too little food.

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Chicken is the best when it’s grilled on charcoal. Especially this time, Thomas marinated the meat the day before with some salt, peppers and herbs. That was the best meat we had on that day. Marinate anything with chicken for a day and it gets very soft even after grilling it.


Thomas was a hero that day. Two massive home-baked cakes appeared from a fridge and served for everyone after the BBQ.


It was a lemon cake and cheese cake. Both were super good. It was the quality that you can start selling in the city.
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There were more than enough amount of cake for everyone to eat more than two slices which was great. Usually, cakes disappears very quickly when we host a big party with more than a dozen guests.


Looks like we’re doing a BBQ almost every month but this is a good pace. I’ll let you know when we plan something in July as well.
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