“Rainbow Spice” in Tachikawa: The right kind of curry for rice




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“Rainbow Spice” in Tachikawa: The right kind of curry for rice

Tachikawa is known in many ways. In terms of population, it is one of the biggest cities in the west side of Tokyo. Tachikawa station is the busiest station in the greater Tokyo area (excluding 23 special wards). It is the only city in Tokyo where IKEA has its store. etc…
Not many people, however, know that Tachikawa is known as the city with many curry restaurants.
Ever since I moved to Tachikawa Garden Town last year I tried several curry places.

Many of them are very good and I did write about one of my favorite ones before.

Let me tell you about another restaurant that I really like as well.

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“レインボウスパイス( Rainbow Spice)”, is a tiny curry restaurant located very close to the south side of Tachikawa station. Their style of curry is Indian and they do say that on the menu as well. However, unlike other authentic Indian restaurants, Rainbow Spice does not offer naan. They only serve rice for their curry.

Curry for rice and it’s just right that way

I am not sure how authentic this place is but judging by the people I see in this place, this is probably the curry with Japanese arrangement. I’ve been to many authentic types of Indian curry restaurant but the curry here doesn’t taste like any Indian curry.
I’m not saying I don’t like the taste. In fact, I love it. Going authentic works fine most of the times but it does not always have to be authentic. Sometimes people change the original things for the better. I guess there are examples like this. Ramen was originally born in China but it was re-invented in Kyushu and now everyone likes it, even the people in China. Tacos and Taco rice is another example. I guess this one is more of a simple change.


Curry is supposed to be eaten with naan but people in Japan often eat with rice instead. We just don’t eat the Indian curry with rice though. Indian curry is designed to eat with naan. It would be just weird to eat the same curry with Japanese rice. Curry restaurants in Japan had to change the curry to go well with rice. The curry they serve cannot be authentic.
The curry served in Rainbow Spice is like this. It’s different from the authentic Indian curry but it’s really good and goes amazingly well with rice.
To be precise, Rainbow Spice uses Japanese rice grown in California. So technically speaking, it is not Japanese rice. They must’ve tried so many rice brands and found this one. You can tell that it’s different from Japanese rice you usually eat in the restaurant. It’s much less sticky and less filling. It would be interesting just to try their rice too.

Rich in spice but not spicy

Rainbow Spice’s curry is amazingly rich in spice. I have no idea how they can make such different curry than other places. Some people get nervous when they hear the word spicy because it sounds like red chili spicy. No need to worry about this in Rainbow Spice. Their curry is rich in spice but it’s not hot.

IMG_6239 (1)

Spicy does not have to be hot. That’s what I learned from this restaurant. (You can add dried chili pepper which is placed on the table in case you want to make it hot)
Their shop is extremely tiny and only 6 or 7 people can fit at once. It is better to come here just by yourself or group of two would be at max otherwise you might need to wait for a while.
I go to this place pretty often at least once a week or every two weeks. If you come to try, just look around. You might see me there ;)
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Hi I'm Shima. I currently live in one of the biggest Oakhouse Apartments called Tachikawa Garden Town with my wife and daughter.

On this series of blog posts, I’d like to introduce useful tips when you actually start living in Tokyo and hopefully in Oakhouse.

Let me know if you are interested to know more about life in Tachikawa. Message me here [ guafly2002@gmail.com ] for any questions.