Staying in Oakhouse? Get a cleaning robot because it just makes sense

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Staying in Oakhouse? Get a cleaning robot because it just makes sense


Everyone knows what Roomba or Braava is: they are cleaning robots manufactured by iRobot. It is, however, not common to have cleaning robots especially if you’re living in one of Oakhouse share houses. Living in a share house usually means you only have a private room and some shared common spaces. Oakhouse takes care of common space so all you need to take care of is your private room.
You might think spending that much money on temporary housing is excessive. I actually don’t think so.
I’ve been living in Oakhouse for 5 years now, 4 years in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2 and a year in Tachikawa Garden Town. I had used Roomba while I was in Kichijoji and I recently got a Braava in Tachikawa Garden Town.
I do think owning cleaning robots make more sense while living in Oakhouse than owning ones while living in general apartments. Let me tell you the reasons why I think this way.

A life without cleaning is achievable if you live in a share house

Let’s admit. No one should spend any time on cleaning. It is better if we don’t have to do it so that we have more time on other things. I’m not just talking about certain people with less free time like busy workers or households with kids. It is about everyone. Even if you’re single living in Oakhouse, time is the most precious resource you have.


Unfortunately, the age of robots is still ahead. We do not have to worry about robots taking over our jobs just yet. There are extremely convenient/capable cleaning robots like Roomba or Braava but they can cover only certain areas in the house which means you are still not entirely free from cleaning. Areas like shower room, kitchen, windows, getting rid of dusts on lights etc… these are something you definitely have to do once in a while to live.
Living in a Oakhouse share house is a little bit different story. As I mentioned previously, your own private room is the only room you need to clean. Depending which model of you get, most roomba can take care of 10 sqm room as long as you don’t put things on the floor so that Roomba can sweep the floor for you while you’re out. And…. that is it. There’s no where else in the house that you’re supposed to clean. Oakhouse will take care of the rest.
I used Roomba for four years and I was almost completely cleaning free. It was really stress-free that I did not even have to think about it.

Braava's square shape gets the job done

What I got last week is Braava, which is the cleaning robot manufactured by the same company as Roomba but does wipe the floor with water. What’s great is its shape. Instead of iconic round shape that Roomba always has been, Braava is actually square-shaped. This makes a lot of sense especially when it wipe the corner of the room.


The photos below are how braava cleaning along the fridge at Tachikawa Garden Town. You can see how its square shape does the job on the corners. I was pretty impressed with how smooth the machine worked.

スクリーンショット 2019-07-29 23.44.23

Even if there is a table and chairs on the way, that is not an issue for Braava. It is supposed to go around without damaging the furniture. The model I got has a water spray function but it never sprays on any furniture.
I have a baby chair hanging on the table just like this photo below. Even though braava can go around the chairs, this chair definitely makes it easier for Braava to clean the floor.


One last thing to note. Try not to put things on the floor. It does not matter if you own Roomba or Braava. If you have too many things on the floor, it could potentially damage the robots. I guess this is more of a case for Roomba than Braava. I would say Braava is much simpler than Braava as a machine. It is hard to break it unless you accidentally step on it or something.
These machines are not the most affordable machine you can have for your room but it is definitely a machine that makes your life easy.
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