Veggies for lunch? Go to “Adam’s Awesome Pie” in Tachikawa




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Veggies for lunch? Go to “Adam’s Awesome Pie” in Tachikawa


Tachikawa is a big city and there are many restaurants to go to for casual eat outs. Only a handful is worth going to though. On my previous posts, I showed you a couple of restaurants that I frequently go to in Tachikawa. Trying once is one thing but re-visiting the same restaurant is totally another thing. Good restaurants know how to grab people’s attention and attract people to come back.

I usually try new restaurants as I’m still new in the town and it feels like there is a lot left to explore. My recent favorite is a cafe called “Adam’s awesome pie.” Located on the north side of the station, there’s a space under construction which is the area that Tachihi holdings is developing a massive complex called “Green Springs” scheduled to open in April 2020. Right across the construction site is where this cafe "Adam’s awesome pie" is located.


I personally think the location is great. This is definitely the street a lot of people are passing through. Even more coming when the complex is open in just 6 months. IKEA is so close that you can actually see the building from this cafe. This IKEA is one of a few IKEA that can be accessed by walk. You can imagine how many people actually walk through this street every day.

Lunch is also available

The cafe is located on the 2nd floor of the building. Look for the red parasols and you won’t miss this cafe. The cafe does not only serve drinks but also lunch as well.


Me and my family visited this place later afternoon but the place was full of people. There was no seats available for three of us but it was not an issue because we were for the terrace seats. The cafe seats outside is always not popular compared to the ones inside in Tokyo for some reason. It was getting hotter in Tokyo but it was still great to stay outside. This cafe, especially, has a really big and nice terrace space. Do try to go outside when you have a chance to visit this place.


There is a couple of lunch menu available. My recommendation is the Salad bar lunch. There are 7 or 8 different kinds of very lightly flavored salads and you can refill them as many time as you like. I usually prefer meat over salad but there was something about their salad. It was somehow super good. Maybe it’s the way they prepare the veggies I don’t know. Apparently, their theme is to eat something healthy.
Well, I am not sure because there was an appetizing flyer of massive pizza on the wall.


It’s not just veggies and salads that they offer. There’s a burger too and it was really good. I still recommend going for all you can eat salad just because I rarely see it.


The terrace sets are actually bigger than it seem from outside. It would be very nice to stay outside on a sunny day watching people passing by on the street.
Even though the seats inside the cafe was full, this terrace seats were almost empty. If you don’t mind staying outside, these seats are definitely the way to go.


I’m very happy with the location and the food quality of this cafe. I think I know why this place is popular among locals. Their choice of veggies, cups, plates, chairs and tables, make everything look photogenic on Instagram.
If you have a chance to come to Tachikawa, try this place and let me know what you think.

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