The new Okinawan restaurant in Tachikawa

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The new Okinawan restaurant in Tachikawa


Okinawan food is something that I miss every once in a while. It’s much more simple and less salty compared to the food in Tokyo. I would say Okinawan food is accepted by many people in Tokyo but it’s hard to find a good restaurant. I bet there are more Thai restaurants than Okinawa restaurants in Tokyo.

Okinawan food is somehow the kind of food that it’s hard to cook once you’re out of Okinawa. I’ve been to Okinawa many times but still the best Okinawan food is in Okinawa which is a good thing because I have a reason to go back there. People say the simplest food is the hardest one to cook. Because of its simplicity, the quality can suffer from the slightest mistakes. Okinawan food is probably the case.
Just last week, I happened to find a new Okinawan restaurant in Tachikawa. It’s in the best location. When we say it’s the best location in Tokyo, people automatically assume that it’s in front of a train station. This is not the case here.

The newest Okinawan food restaurant in Tachikawa

琉球ぼうず(Ryukyu Bouzu)is the name of the Okinawan restaurant I found. The location is right in front of Green Springs, which is going to be the newest area to visit in Tachikawa by next April. Even locals have limited information on the new site but it’s said it’s going to be the area for shops, restaurants, office and music halls. The entire area is supposed to be open in April, 2020.
So this new Okinawan restaurant is located in the hottest area in Tachikawa.


I found this restaurant on my way to Lala port and I thought I should check it out for lunch. I looked at the menu displayed outside the building and it looked like their main business hour is at night. This is usually the case for a place like Izakaya where they run for lunch time as well to make the most of their restaurant.
The restaurant inside is brand new and clean. There is Tatami space for bigger groups as well. I was with my wife and baby daughter so they let me take the tatami space.


What I had was one of their lunch menu. There are about 4 menu available during the lunch hours. Okinawan Soba with pork rice. Good Okinawan soba is actually hard to find. I’m happy with the quality of their soba. I used to go to the one in Kichijoji for Okinawan soba but now I don’t need to go out of Tachikawa for good Okinawan food.
The pork piece on the rice is actually a pork cooked with Awamori, the most well-known Okinawan distilled liquor, and I liked the unique flavor.


Overall, I’m happy with the restaurant and I’ll definitely be coming back for more food. The restaurant is fairly accessible from Tachikawa station as well. It’s about 10 mins walk from the north of the station. From Tachikawa Garden Town, it would be the closest to take a monorail to Tachikawa Kita station and walk from there.
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