Dancing Crab in Shinjuku with former housemates

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Dancing Crab in Shinjuku with former housemates

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Every once in a while there comes a time when you look for places where you celebrate for some specific occasion. Either it’s a birthday, anniversary, or year-end party with coworkers, you’ll need a restaurant where you have some fun time with your friends, family, and colleagues.
It’s most likely once-a-year type of occasion which you don’t mind spending a little bit more than a casual night out.


A restaurant called Dancing Crab has been the place for me these past few years. It’s a seafood restaurant chain born in Singapore and there are several in Japan and one of them is located in Shinjuku, only a minute walk from the main station.
I went there with my former housemates of Oakhouse Kichijoji 2 a few weeks ago to celebrate our mutual friend’s success with his own business. This friend, Takao, is a craftsman of canvas items and he owns and runs his own brand called Solahanpu. One of his canvas wallets called, Tenuis3, is his newest work in 2019 and several of us from Kichijoji 2 did our part to help him. One of us did the professional photo shooting of the wallet, there’s another video guy who filmed and edited the whole thing, another friend wrote an article and I edited those articles and put it on the crowdfunding platform that I work as a staff. This share house collaboration worked so well reaching 440 million yen on machi-ya, a crowdfunding platform in Japan. This wallet actually became the most crowdfunded wallet in history in Japan. This Dancing Crab party was to congrats everyone behind the success of the brand. We all got paid for what we did but the meal was paid by Takao-san. I’ll probably tell more about this success and story some other time.

Extraordinary meals that everyone likes

The style of Dancing Crab is pretty unique and extraordinary. This is kind of a place which makes you want to bring someone who has never been before. Let me explain.
First, they do not have forks and knifes in the restaurant. You go there and eat the food by hands. (I’m pretty sure they let you use forks and knifes if you ask for cutleries but they are not on the table like any other ordinary restaurant)

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The food (seafood) comes in a plastic bag with their signature sauce inside. They roll out a waterproof sheet on top of the table and put all the food on it for us to eat. How simple is that!
I felt like an animal when I went through this for the first time, in a fun way of course.
The seafood is cooked in a Cajun style which is something from Louisiana. The basic flavor is a mix of certain spices which is very appetizing. The flavor is pretty strong but it does not kill the flavor of crabs and shrimps. There are several sauces that you can choose from. Some are spicy too. I would recommend Signature Sauce for the first time.

Dancing with crabs


Dancing Crab is not just a name. The real dancing part is at the restaurant which is something fun to see. Every half an hour the music gets lauder all the sudden and all the staff starts dancing with music. There’s no stage or anything so they could be dancing right in front of you.
Crabs are such a hard thing to eat. There’s a tool like scissors that you can cut the shell open and eat what’s inside but this requires some focus. Often times the whole table gets quiet while we dine at Dancing Crab. Depending on who you come to this restaurant with, I can imagine how things can be pretty awkward if this was a quiet place with quiet music or no music at all. So laud music and dancing makes sense at this place.

A fun twist for business occasions

I am not too sure how successful this restaurant is in Japan but I see a lot of potential to be a place for business occasions. Probably not for those old, traditional type of companies but more for smaller companies like startups. I think it would be a great place to have fun and be bonded with colleagues.
This is exactly how we utilize this place on that day. Almost all of us who came over is our mutual friend and our workmates. We’re glad to be part of this success and I hope we get to come back here next year in 2020.
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