The Friday night Italian restaurant we go to after badminton in Tachikawa

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The Friday night Italian restaurant we go to after badminton in Tachikawa


Playing badminton every week in Tachikawa has been something that I have been doing for more than a year now on every Friday. My friends and I has a shared group on LINE app and we plan to book the hour in advance. Many of us used to live in Oakhose Kichijoji2 ( and friends bring friends and now there are almost 20 people in the group. Most of the times we go for some food and drinks after badminton. Since I’m the only one living in Tachikawa. Suggesting which restaurant to go and looking for new restaurants is kind of my job now.

MUGI - Italian restaurant 2 mins walk from JR Tachikawa Station


MUGI( is one of my favorite restaurants where we go often. It is an Italian restaurant located 2 mins walk from JR Tachikawa Station. It’s a perfect place for a big group thanks to its size. The entire floor is the restaurant and more than 60 people can take a seat. We usually come here as a group of 5 or more. Every time we go, the restaurant is not so crowded that we have to wait for seats.
What’s also great about this restaurant is the opening hours. It’s open until 11pm (Last order is at 10:30pm) which is pretty late for restaurants in Tachikawa. We play badminton from 7:30pm to 9pm (sometimes even until 10pm). We usually have limited choices for restaurants by then.

Pizza oven and buffalo cheese

Opening hour is not the only reason we keep going to MUGI though. Their pizza is a must-have food if you get to come here. I usually don’t trust Italian restaurants without decent pizza oven so this is more like a minimum requirement.
Pizza at MUGI is pretty good for the price. To be honest, I have had something better in other expensive restaurants but MUGI’s pizza is better than most places I’ve ever been. You know what Italians say: a good crust makes a good pizza. Mugi’s pizza crust is as good as the best pizza I’ve had before. Their buffalo cheese is also a beautiful piece. There are two choices for Margherita pizza. I recommend the more expensive one (1800 yen) with buffalo cheese on the top. This cheese is the best cheese you can have at this restaurant.


Pizza is not the only food that you should try at this place. Penne Arrabbiata (Penne with spicy tomato sauce) is my favorite as well.
Italian ham buffet is also available for 500 yen per person during dinner hours. This is quite satisfying for the price and something I've never seen before in other restaurants.

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Lunch set is the best deal

If you can be around Tachikawa at lunch time, lunch time is the best time to visit this place. It’s only a 1000 yen with a choice of pizza or pasta and it also comes with full volume salad and even a dessert too.

スクリーンショット 2020-01-01 18.00.38Lunch salad and pizza

I come to this place for cafe when I have some work to do. They serve some good coffee and it’s not too crowded even for lunchtime. There’s a bar table by the window and that’s the best spot of this restaurant.
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