The best ramen restaurant in Tachikawa, Toto




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The best ramen restaurant in Tachikawa, Toto


Having lived in Tachikawa for two years now, I've tried quite a few restaurants around the area. Living in Tachikawa Garden Town, all the restaurants around Tachikawa station are in walking distance. I've already posted several recommended restaurants in Tachikawa but let me tell you the best ramen restaurant in Tachikawa.

Even though Ramen is not the healthiest choice of food available in Tokyo, it is probably the most common food to find in the city. The thing about ramen is that everyone has their version of favorite ramen and there's no single ramen that everyone likes. Ichiran, one of the most well-known pork base ramen brands, is still my favorite pork base ramen but I'm only happy with eating their ramen just sometimes, definitely not every week.
If you like something more simple and local, try Toto(魚魚)in Tachikawa. It is a family-run Tachikawa based Ramen restaurant. The restaurant is located a bit of a walk (15 mins) from Tachikawa north exit. Considering the fact that there are countless ramen shops within 5 mins walk from the station, 15 mins walk is a challenge unless you know how good their ramen is.


Toto was nominated at 11th Next Generation Ramen Summit ( powered by Yahoo Japan. As well as their soy sauce flavor soup and salt flavor soup ramen, it’s famous for it’s Abura Soba, which is basically ramen without soup.


Speaking of Ramen, Ramen Square in Tachikawa is the place to go if you want to try out different ramens at the same location. There are several different ramen brands selling their ramen on the 2nd floor of the building 1 min from Tachikawa station. It is quite hard to pick one ramen because they all look great. Those ramen shops have been competing with each other and you can vote for your favorite ramen every once in a while. Toto won the first prize at the Ramen Square back in 2013.

Simple but unforgettable

As you can see the menu, there are not too many kinds of ramen available in Toto which is not necessarily a bad sign. I tried 3 kinds of ramen at this place and they did not disappoint me at all. The flavor is fairly simple without being too oily. I tried soy sauce and salt flavor on my first visit and both ramens were something hard to forget. It took a while for me to go back to this ramen place but it is simply because of the distance from the station. My second ramen there was as good as the first time which is a good sign.
Oily ramens, like Tonkotsu ramen in Ichiran, are great too but you don’t want to eat the oily ones too often otherwise you get sick of it pretty soon. I still love eating oily ones but it’s not every week thing. It’s more like less than a month thing.
Toto’s ramen place looks just like any other ramen restaurants. You’re supposed to buy a ticket at the ticketing machine right next to the main gate. There are more counters than a table but it is a place where you can go with 4-5 people at max.


スクリーンショット 2020-03-01 15.53.16

I ordered their salt flavor ramen on the day I visited in February. I recommend this flavor if you’re here for the first time. I am not too sure what the base is for their soup but I guess it’s fish judging by the name of the restaurant.

Salt flavor ramen

I would say this is the best ramen I found in Tachikawa so far. It’s definitely worth a try if you’re living in Tachikawa or just dropping by.

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