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Walking in the park

What's so special about parks (公園)in Japan?

Koko-en, in Himeji

They are clean. This means I can walk without noticing litters on the ground. The arrangement of flowers and trees is often well maintained so that everything look balanced.

Paying attention to details doesn't disappoint you in the parks in every season in Japan.

The Hama-Rikyu Park, Tokyo

Some parks are located in the middle of the city. The contrast between the oases of peace and the hectic days of city life fascinates me. I found it particularly impressive to see the green timeless nature with the background of the modern skyscrapers.

The parks are more crowded on weekends because the busy Japanese salary-men decides to enjoy the nature for a picnic, playing football, boating or simply taking a walk.

The coolest guitarist of Inokashira park. His music is perfect for all ages!

Never miss the street performers with the guitar (or even with the piano) playing in public. Most of the times, they do not hope to receive some money at the end of the performance. They are only doing it because they want to do it. Some performers don't have a guitar case in front of them. I can only guess why: that's how they get in contact with nature, or they want to see the public reaction to their art, they just love to play music in front of strangers...

I was fortunate enough to hear some really good music!

The manga reading performer reading One Piece

Some even set up small stalls to sell the small crafty goods like earrings, necklaces, cases, bags, hats and many other things, all handmade.

The strangest thing I found in the Inokashira park (the closest park to Oakhouse Kichijoji 2): there is a man who reads the manga aloud. He let you choose one manga out of his collection and he read the manga for you in a theatrical way. He changes his voice every time he reads the line of other characters. It's so unique and fun.

I stopped for a while to listen to him when he was reading One Piece, my favorite manga.

Inokashira Park

Speaking of parks in Japan, what comes to my mind is the cherry blossoms in spring. The bad news is that I've never seen or been to the place where I can see those pink flowers. I have no photos to show...just yet.

The good news is that soon the spring comes... and this time I will be here to enjoy the show. Wait just a little more, and I'll post pictures of beautiful cherry trees in the parks.

But even without cherry blossoms, the scenery in the park is totally beautiful.

Enjoy your walk!
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