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I’m back in Tokyo (again)!!

Surprise surprise!

...or little to no surprise at all, that I decided to return to live in Japan again. Just a little while ago in March, I moved back to Los Angeles. After living here for 25 years I guess I was suffering from environmental burnout. So I packed up everything and left. Sayonara Japan (I thought). But after 3 months in the United States, I began to feel the better part of me was left behind in Tokyo. So here I am, refreshed, and living at Oakhouse Kita-Otsuka in Toshima City, Tokyo. And it sure feels good to be 'home' again.
America is a nice place to visit. I had a wonderful time visiting everyone, but there is an intoxication with this country called Japan. Something that you just have to experience for yourself by living here for awhile. In my future posts, I will keep everyone up to date on events I'm involved with, as well as the events and social functions of my friends and associates.
Everyone can catch my live performances every Friday and Saturday night from 12 midnight until 4am at Jokers.

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Oakhouse is number 1. I am a former Sharestyle Shinjuku-nishi resident.