Eating food helps you build relationships!



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Tokyo Nomad

Eating food helps you build relationships!

Without it, we, human beings can't live.

Eating good foods.
Without it, I can't live...

Hello, everyone.
March, the month of beginning of spring, has come.
In Japan, It is still cold but it will be warm soon. (I hope…)

As I have written at the beginning, I like eating.
Today, I will write about "foods" in my daily lives here in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2

There is a kitchen in our common space.
Pots, pans, knives, tablewares, microwave, teapot…various stuff in the kitchen.
We can use all of them freely. We "share" them.
When I lived an apartment previously, I couldn’t afford an oven. If I want to cook something I need to use an oven, I couldn't.
But, now, I can make a gratin and bake a pie !
I think this is one of the merits of living in share house.

Fotor_148881148091965 (2)
Quiche I made with the oven

What we are sharing is not only the cooking stuff.
Sometimes, we share foods too.
On the other day, I made Kenchin-jiru (Japanese soy source flavored vegetable soup) , and shared with some housemates.

In our house, there are various people who come from a lot of countries.
10 Japanese, 3 Thai, 2 Korean, 1 American, and 1 Russian.
They often cook their country's foods and they also sometimes share the foods they cook.

A pasta dish made by Daniele(Italian), Kimuchi Chige made by Joon(Korean), Tacos made by Daniel (American), and Green curry made by Ken(Thai)…

We get to try foods from different countries around the world.

20161223_193627125 (2)
Win, he is one of the best chef in our house!

Searing foods and happiness!

Besides, we sometimes share our recipes.
I learned many types of recipes from housemates.
Thanks to it , I have been improving my cooking skill !

For us, it is one of the ways of communication!

If you like cooking or eating, it is fun for you to live share house.
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Author profile

Hello, I'm Hagi.
I live in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2. Kichijoji is one of the most popular in Tokyo.
I enjoy my life here!!

I'm a playwright and director for an independent theater in Tokyo.
I love writing stories, taking a walk, and eating good food and drinking!
Here on this blog, I'd like to introduce my daily life with housemates.