Mt. Mitake and Okutama: A great area to go from the city area (without traveling for too long)

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Mt. Mitake and Okutama: A great area to go from the city area (without traveling for too long)

Tokyo is not just about the city area. On the west side, there are places where you can find great nature. Mountains, camping sites, hiking trails. You can reach these places by taking trains for an hour or so.

I visited Okutama area for hiking on the other day. Me and my housemates left for Mt. Mitake at 8AM, arrived at Mt. Mitake station around 9. We took the Mitake high mountain railway to see the great village on the mountain, went through the shrine to the hiking trail. It was foggy at first, but it cleared up as we walk. The path actually looked very cool and mysterious with the fog. The entire hike was about 6 to 7 hours. It may sound long but it's definitely worth the time. Check out my video below to see how it was like.


Seeing the village on the mountain is highly recommended. It was my second time going there but I always enjoy looking at these small village. I wonder how it's like to live up in there.
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