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What makes a good share house?

Which atmosphere do you like?
The atmosphere in share house is crated mostly by people who live there. When you choose which share house you live in, it is important to know the atmosphere.

Oakhouse has a lot of share houses in Tokyo, and there are four in Kichijoji area. They are different in sizes and atmospheres. In Oakhouse Kichijoji2, where I live has the least capacities of the four. So, the atmosphere here is cozy and we are like a big extended family.
One of the good features of our house is that we cerebrate housemate's birthdays every once in a while.

There are two housemates whose birthdays are in May. So, last week, we had a party for them. On that day, more than ten people gathered and had a good time drinking, eating and playing games untill late. It was a wonderful night.

When I write about "birthday", I can't do without remembering my last year's birthday. My birthday is April 29th. I had moved to this house last April 3rd, and I hadn't told anyone the date of my birthday.

But, one day when my birthday was approaching, I found the word"Haggy's birthday party" on the white board in the common room.I was surprised! (Apparently, Housemate's checked my birthday that time.) Actually, this was my first party in this house. Thanks to this party, I got used to this house and house mates.

On this year's birthday, my housemates also cerebrate and give me a lot of presents!
Birthday presents my house mates gave me!

Actually, I have never lived in the other share houses. So, I can't exactly describe what the others like. But, at least, if you want to live with friendly housemates, here would be a good choice for you!
wonderful house mates!

Thank you for reading this post!

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Hello, I'm Hagi.
I live in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2. Kichijoji is one of the most popular in Tokyo.
I enjoy my life here!!

I'm a playwright and director for an independent theater in Tokyo.
I love writing stories, taking a walk, and eating good food and drinking!
Here on this blog, I'd like to introduce my daily life with housemates.