Tsukiji Market Day

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Tsukiji Market Day


Every year, from April to July, Masa comes to live in our guesthouse in Kichijoji. I met him for the first time two years ago, and I saw him again last year, so I was delighted to see him again in April.

Masa is 65 years old, and he is the dad / grandfather (according to the age you have) that we would all like to have!
He is Japanese but lives in Sydney since more that 30 years, he also lived in Paris during 6 years and because of that, he can speaks French.  We are accustomed to do 1 or 2 hours of classes every week: he teaches me Japanese, and I help him practice his French.
He does 4h of sport every day, he is always present at every party, he loves red wine and especially: he LOVES good food!

Every time he travels, he goes to Michelin starred restaurants and have a well-developed palate. Amazing, hun?

So when Masa offered, at the end of April, to take us to eat at his favorite sushi restaurant in Tsukiji, I did not hesitate for a second and I went! Yui and Ara from the guesthouse were also there, as well as my little sister Clara who was visiting me during her birthday.


We arrived around 10am. This is the time when there is the least crowd, because as the market opens very early, visitors usually come much earlier too. So we were able to admire the market with all these different species of fish for an hour. But... I must confess that I prefer when they are alive in an aquarium ;)

IMG_7903 IMG_7905 IMG_7916 IMG_7918 IMG_7923 IMG_7925 IMG_7929 IMG_7930 IMG_7935

IMG_7937 IMG_7940

Then we walked around the neighborhood.
The Tsukiji neighborhood is really perfect for people like Masa who love to eat and cook. Because there is a huge restaurant with plenty of different dishes (usually fish or seafood) and lots of shops selling cooking utensils.

We spent our late mornings stopping at alllll the little restaurants and tasted a lot (all?) of specialties!

IMG_7945 IMG_7949 IMG_7955 IMG_7958IMG_7975 IMG_7971 IMG_7980 IMG_7987 IMG_7993 IMG_7996 IMG_8000 IMG_8008

IMG_7964 IMG_7967 IMG_7969

Finally, Masa took us to his favorite sushi restaurant.

The restaurant has seats at the "bar" and tables on the 2nd floor. But Masa explained to us that generally they put tourists upstairs and, because they could not see the pieces of fish, the cooks gave them the worst pieces.
He explained to us that it was better to always be seated near the cook, rather to line longer.


The sushi was really delicious, however I did not feel any difference with another restaurant I had done before.
I realized that I was not very strong for the taste of alloys. I think when you're a novice like me, you can tell the difference between "bad" and "good", but you can not tell the difference between "good" and "very good".


Anyway, it was a wonderful day again. I'm really grateful to have roommates like that, I am really lucky! Thank you guys for this day <3





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