How my guesthouse helps me to discover Tokyo

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How my guesthouse helps me to discover Tokyo


I know this blog is supposed to talk about my life in the guesthouse, but I will also like to talk about how my guesthouse helps me to discover Tokyo.

Why live away from the center?

Generally, when you come to live in Tokyo you want to find a maximum near the city center, even if it is much more expensive.
Having lived in Paris for 5 years, I know what it is to live in a big capital. On the one hand it is REALLY great: there are always things to do (parties, exhibitions, cinema, events, etc.) or people to see. It is a real pleasure to have his days filled to the last second, his months filled until the last day... BUT it is so so much exhausting.

When I arrived in Tokyo, I did not want to make the same mistake. I wanted to be near the center for my school, my work, and also because I love visiting, seeing people and doing things, but I also wanted to take care of myself.

When you travel to Tokyo as I did, you visit all of the very touristy places, and stay focused on Tokyo center. Then the extra days are concentrated on excursions like Kamakura, Nikko or Fuji. Obviously, time is running out, so you want to make the most important places. The new generation of travelers no longer takes time to get lost. And I wanted to take advantage of my one-year visa to re-learn to lose myself, to discover places far from the usual trails.

So I chose this guesthouse in the hope of discovering another facet of Japan. The more peaceful, the more traditional one, and further away from the "gaijin spot".

My guesthouse and its perfect location

I have already presented the whiteboard which allows me to discover places thanks to the recommendations of the roommates (like Tsukiji Market or this Yakiniku restaurant), or to make great evenings (like this welcome party), or discover the Japanese culture (like this hanami) but I have not yet told you about the geographical location of the guesthouse.

Capture d’écran 2017-08-01 à 12.21.16

First, it is not in the center of Tokyo, so that's allows us to have a very quiet and relaxing area. It is next to a park, which is very peaceful, but also next to Kichijoji with its restaurants, shops, karaoke and arcade center. It is in a perfect balance of calm and entertainment.

I already introduce you our neighborhood with, for exemple, this article about Inokashira and his wildlife, or about the "sakura river" or even the chance we have to have a garden, but when you take the distance on the map, it is also very close to the center of Tokyo on one side, but also close to nature, with the huge park of Tachikawa or the mountains !

Capture d’écran 2017-08-01 à 12.18.49

When we live in the center of Tokyo, the mountains seem very far away. But, from the Guesthouse, it seems that it is almost the same distance to go to Odaïba or go to Mt Mitake. This geographical situation makes me want to go to the west of Tokyo, which I probably will have done much than by living in the center.

Thank you Kichijoji 2 !!







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