Joined our neighbor’s party in Kichijoji 3

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Joined our neighbor’s party in Kichijoji 3

Kichijoji is one of the best places to live in Tokyo especially when it comes to a long-term stay.
I've been living in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2 for three years and half now. I initially didn't plan to stay this long but once I came here, it's so comfortable that it's hard to imagine life without this place.

Dining with housemates is what you usually see in our living room. If you like cooking, you have more than enough chance to get to know the people in the house.

The reason why it's so comfortable is people. Our house is large enough to have rooms for 18 people. Only three people, including me, has been living in the house more than 3 years now. That means there is a constant flux of people and it's a good thing. There are always new people to meet every couple of months, new events to attend, new drama to gossip about in the house. I might not have stayed this long in a single place if this place didn't offer me new experiences.

The good thing about Kichijoji is that it's a popular area for sharehouses. There are at least six Oakhouse share houses around Kichijoji area, including the recently built new one called Gran Mitakadai. (There are many more share houses not run by other companies) It means there are so many houses you can visit and people you potentially get to know right around the corner. Tokyo is a big city. The fact that you get to socialize without actually traveling to the opposite side of the city is something valuable.

Last week on Saturday, my girlfriend and I visited a good friend of mine, Taka, in Oakhouse Kichijoji 3 which is literally 5 mins from our house by walk. It was a Korean food party and one of the Korean guys was cooking for like 20 people.

Songmin who silently cooked a massive amount of food for everyone. What he cooked was extremely delicious.

We had Korean hotpot, Bulgogi(Korean sukiyaki) as well as so many other things that I don't know the name of. Very delicious. I realized that it's been a while since I had a good Korean food previously.

Korean Bulgogi. It was sooooo good! Perfect food for a cold day.

People I talked to in Kichijoji 3 told me that they don't party often (it was the second party in 6 months). It doesn't mean people are not friendly or they don't like partying. In fact, they used to party more often. but now they are in short of party throwers. I guess this is true in many share houses. Only certain types of people like to throw a party in a share house. It's like an agent that triggers a chemical reaction.

Taka, the guy on the right, who invited me to the party.

It was such a fun party. and I know they should do that more often!
Next time, I'd like to invite them to our party in our house, Kichijoji 2. I'll let you know here when that happens!
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