8 Things we did in the house Summer & Autumn in 2017

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8 Things we did in the house Summer & Autumn in 2017

As the year of 2017 ending in a few months, I thought I should go through the fun stuff we did in the house. There are a lot of things happening in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2, especially in Summer. Around 20 people living in the house. Many people think that sharing a house with 20 people is hard to imagine but the house is much bigger than a house. and most of us, except for a few guys living in the dormitory room, have a private room so privacy is not really a concern here.

Our house is, in fact, relatively smaller compared to other Oakhouse sharehouses. Some share houses are big enough to accommodate more than 100 people. It looks more like a college campus. The good thing about bigger share houses is they usually have better facilities.

The "size" of a sharehouse is one of the good indicators of how strong the community is in the sharehouse. I think smaller houses have stronger communities because you get to know everyone in the house. In bigger houses, on the other hand, it's hard to know who is living and who is just visiting.

Below are the photos and short movies of what we did in Summer and Autumn of 2017.


and eating

and more eating (BBQ)


Nagashi Somen (Water slider of noodle)


Working (sometimes)


Blowing bubbles
and... blowing bubbles!
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