Nintendo Swtch might be the best form of share house entertainment!

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Nintendo Swtch might be the best form of share house entertainment!


Nintendo Switch is probably one of the most successful game consoles ever built. It has been sold out for 10 months in Japan now. I waited 9 months to get my own Switch. I hear it's not so difficult to buy one in other countries for some reason, though.
Anyway, two of us in Oakhouse Kichijoji 2 owns a Switch now, including me. Both of us, Sam and I have been playing Switch for quite some time but last week was the first time we played the game called "One-two Swtich". It is one of the first games that Nintendo released at when they launched in March, 2017. It is supposed to be the game that demonstrates the true potentials of what Switch can really do.

Basically, one-two switch is a collection of mini-games. We first played the one called "quick draw". It's a game that two players hold each controller and try to shoot the other when the game says FIRE!

Switch controllers have gyro sensors which measure angles of Switch quire accurately. You end up shooting the ground if you're too quick to pull the trigger (button). You have to point the controller to your opponent and fire only at the right angle.
The most interesting/innovative part of this game is that you're supposed to look at your opponent's eyes, and not the screen.
I've heard of this system but I only fully understood how it works when I played it by myself. I like this idea because it feels like you're having an eye contact with a real person and it makes the whole gaming experience much more live and meaningful.

This is when they're waiting for the sign.

The moment of "FIRE!" then you shoot the opponent.

As you can see, above, it was just stupidly fun even though it was such a simple game.
After you shoot, the Switch tells the recap of the shooting angle and the timing.

This time was a miracle? Two players shot exactly at the same time. What are the odd??

One more remarkable thing about this game is that you don't have to be good at gaming to have fun.
In fact, girls were better at it when we played.



Only two people can play this game at once and there were about 8 people in the living room when we started playing. So we came up with the tournament.


Tournament! We just simply wrote down our names on the whiteboard and did a tournament so that everyone can play.
It was a good idea because this game is not only fun when I'm playing but also when I'm watching other people play.


Playing Switch with housemates is so much fun. I think Oakhouse should buy one console in every house!
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