How to upgrade the common space in the way you like it

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How to upgrade the common space in the way you like it


A common space in a share-house is somewhat special in every share-house in Japan. It is not space entirely belongs to you but it is the space you can use whenever you want. This contradicting concept applies in our house, Oakhouse Kichijoji 2 where at least 10-15 people come to living room every day to use kitchen or living room.

No personal stuff in the common space but...

Some cook and dine, some watch TV or movies, some bring a laptop and work on something. It is a multi-purpose space and it's very nice to have it. but you might want to somehow upgrade the house in the way you like it. For example, how about putting games in it? Is it even allowed? One ground rule... is that Oakhouse usually doesn't allow anyone to put any personal stuff in the living room but there are some exceptions. Although it is not specifically said, it is generally OK to put things as long as it's something that you use with other housemates. Books, for example, are kept in a bookshelf in the living room. An electric piano and a guitar belong to me but I share with other housemates. It is generally fine as long as "the stuff" doesn't make the common space look messy.
This is just something I noticed in Kichijoji 2. It might not apply to other Oakhouse share houses.

A new toy

I give you an example. Here's what I got on the other day. Jenga! I love Jenga and I used to play the game with my family every once in a while. At some point, I thought "I haven't played that game for the longest time"
So I got it on Amazon and it was delivered on the next day.

Jenga or any type of game including board games doesn't really make sense to keep it in your private space. So I put it in the living room. See what happened.

IMG_5065 copy

IMG_4981 2 copy

IMG_5017 copy

Again, this might be the only case in Kichijoji 2 house and I might get in trouble for writing this tips lol

Think of something that benefits everyone in the house

Our living room is about 30sqm (around 18 tatami) in size, big enough to do most things you can imagine. Oakhouse might have rules to maintain the house but it's not natural if there's nothing at all. I guess it makes sense to put things that anyone in the house can use. Oakhouse doesn't throw away things right away. My advice would be to try putting something in the common space and see if anyone in the house or an Oakhouse manager says something.

Anyway, the common space is something very useful. Hope every Oakhouse residents use in a nice way.
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