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Learn, play, and grow in a share house

Happy house!

Happy Life-kun

Oakhouse supports your happy life.

Since we began in 1992, we have helped bring many people together. Some people have even started families after meeting at our share houses! Oakhouse supports your happy life.

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Newest InformationEvent calendar

Event date Houses Event types Event title
2018/09/29 GARDEN TERRACE TAKANODAI All welcome
2018/09/29 SOCIAL RESIDENCE FUSSA All welcome
2018/09/30 Social Residence Ichigao WEST All welcome
2018/10/06 FORO Eifukucho All welcome
2018/09/24 Gran Toda All welcome

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What is Smart Membership?

New encounters at a share house

Reasons to choose Oakhouse There are many new ways to live. Oakhouse can help!


What is Social Residence?

New way of living where you can attend events and workshops.


What is a share house?

Enjoy living: sharing at a share house


What is Smart Rent (Apartment)?

Smart rental system with an emphasis on privacy and can be used from 1 month.

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Oak MemoriesSee everyday life at a share house!

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