Escort Novel Minami Azabu

Management company OAKHOUSE as Agent

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No furnitures and appliances Minimum contract period: 1 year

House outline

Basic info

Shared facilities

  • Elevator
  • Surveillance camera
  • Entrance auto-lock
  • Delivery box
  • Bicycle parking
  • Free Internet

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Room information

804 | Full

Monthly fee Rent ¥179,000
Maintenance fee・Management fee ¥10,000
Security deposit 179,000yen Fire insurance 18,000yen
Brokerage fees 196,900yen
Guarantee company Subscription required

94,500 yen~
Estimated initial cost ¥771,900
※)Estimate based on a contract date of the first day of the month.
Remarks ■Initial fee
Guarantee company required (from 50% of total rent at the time of initial contract)
Fire insurance (18,000 yen~/2 years)
Deposit 1 month
Agency fee 1.1 month
■Required Documents
Passport, resident card, etc.
Additional documents may be required depending on the screening process.
Floor plan:1R Room type:Apartment Maximum occupancy:2 persons Size:35.05m² Move in conditions:Man / Woman handover and move-in: Immediate Date of confirmation of listing: 08/31/2023 Online Viewing: Available Online Consultation: IT Disclosure Statement: Available
Couple/Double occupancy acceptable
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Bathroom
  • Air conditioner
  • Lighting
  • Refrigerator
  • Storage
  • Balcony
  • Facing window : West


Management company

    • Company name OAKHOUSE as Agent

      4-3-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032
    • Corporate Use OAKHOUSE will show you this apartment.


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  • Room (from entrance side)
  • Room (from window side)
  • sofa
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Microwave
  • Inside of refrigerator
  • Rice cooker/vacuum cleaner/electric kettle, etc.
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioner
  • Wi-Fi
  • Desk/chair
  • cleaner
  • Closet inside
  • water heater
  • intercom
  • Washing machine
  • Bathroom
  • Bathroom
  • wash room
  • Toilet
  • elevator
  • mailbox
  • delivery box
  • entrance lock
  • entrance
  • entrance



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Area information of Minato

Minato ward is known for Omotesando, Roppongi Hills, Odaiba, and many other popular spots for local and foreign tourists. It is maybe the most popular area in Tokyo to visit.
With its history, art, and modern architecture, Minato ward has many popular places for entertainment and shopping, though you can still find temples, downtowns, nature, and arts with an Edo-period flavor. And if you like sports, there's the baseball and rugby grounds.
Minato ward lies along Tokyo Bay. Here you can see the Rainbow Bridge which lights up beautifully at night. Take a boat bus and you can see it from the bay.
Though it is known for upscale businesses, sightseeing, date spots, and Azabu Juban, it also has many old and historically valuable buildings and quiet places to walk around.

Area information of Azabu JubanStation

Azabu Juban station opened in just 2000, on the Namboku line. In the same year it became a station on the Oedo subway line as well, making it even more convenient. With its incorporation into the Tokyo Metro system, it has become what it is today, connecting Oji, Meguro, Shiodome, Akabane Iwabuchi, Saitama, Hiyoshi, and other areas. There is an elevator in the station. Average daily ridership on the Tokyo Metro portion is just 50,000 or so, but together with the Toei portion climbs to around 90,000.

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