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Management company OAKHOUSE as Agent

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No furnitures and appliances Minimum contract period: 1 year Foreign Residents Allowed

House outline

Basic info

  • Type of propertyApartment
  • AddressSaiwai-ku Kawasaki-shi Tokyo
  • Building outline 12-story building Year Built:2021/09
  • Parking
  • Surroundings

Shared facilities

  • Elevator
  • Entrance auto-lock
  • Delivery box
  • Bicycle parking

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Room information

1005 | Full

Monthly fee Rent ¥59,000
Maintenance fee・Management fee ¥7,000
Tenant support fee 18,700yen Comprehensive home insurance 20,000yen
Brokerage fees 64,900yen
Guarantee company Subscription required

33,000 yen~
Key replacement fee 24,200yen
Room cleaning fee 44,000yen
Estimated initial cost ¥303,800
※)Estimate based on a contract date of the first day of the month.
Remarks 【Initial cost】
No Deposit
No Key money
First and second month's rent + common service charge
Guarantee company required (50%~100% of total rent)
Comprehensive home insurance 20,000 yen (2 years)
Tenant support fee 18,700 yen (2 years)
24,200 yen for key replacement
Room cleaning fee 44,000 yen
Agency fee : 1.1 month rent
This apartment is for long-term tenants and is not furnished with furniture and appliances.
So the rent is cheaper and you can install your own furniture and appliances♪
A penalty of one month's rent will be incurred if the contract is terminated after less than one year.
Card payment:Initial fees Floor plan:1K Room type:Apartment Size:17.42m² Move in conditions:Man / Woman handover and move-in: Immediate Date of confirmation of listing: 09/19/2023 Online Viewing: Available Online Consultation: Available IT Disclosure Statement: Available
  • Toilet
  • Shower
  • Air conditioner
  • Balcony


Management company

    • Company name OAKHOUSE as Agent

      4-3-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032
    • Corporate Use OAKHOUSE will show you this apartment.


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Area information of Kawasaki

Kawasaki is a city in the northeastern part of Kanagawa. It is very livable and focus has been placed on it as a good place to raise children. It is close to the Tokyo metropolis as well as Yokohama, so it is convenient.

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