Espoir Shinagawa

Management company OAKHOUSE as Agent

Conditions of transaction Brokerage

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No furnitures and appliances Minimum contract period: 1 year No Key Money No security deposit No Guarantee Deposit No guarantor

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Shared facilities

  • Delivery box
  • Bicycle parking

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Room information

3F 1K |

Monthly fee Rent ¥65,000
Maintenance fee・Management fee ¥3,000
Resident support fee 18,700yen Room cleaning fee 33,000yen
Brokerage fees 1.1 months of rent.
Guarantee company Subscription required

The contract is subject to the use of a guarantee company designated by the Company.
Key replacement fee 17,600yen
Estimated initial cost ¥205,300
※)Estimate based on a contract date of the first day of the month.
Contract period 2 year and 0 month
Floor:3rd floor Floor plan:1K Room type:Apartment Size:23m² Move in conditions:Man / Woman handover and move-in: Consult Date of confirmation of listing: Online Viewing: Not available Online Consultation: Not available IT Disclosure Statement: Not available
  • Air conditioner
  • Wooden flooring
  • Balcony
  • Facing window : East
  • Corner room

Estimate, Reservation or Viewing

Management company

    • Company name OAKHOUSE as Agent

      4-3-1 Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0032
    • Corporate Use OAKHOUSE will show you this apartment.

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Area information of Shinagawa

Shinagawa is one of Tokyo's 23 special wards, with a population of 375,000 people. It has upscale areas like Shirokanedai and Gotenyama, old-style shopping areas like Nakanobu and Togoshi-Ginza, and downtown manufacturing and working areas like Osaki, as well as businesses around the coast.
Shinagawa is one of if not the main hub for transportation in Tokyo. There are 40 stations in the ward that run on the JR Shinkansen, private lines, monorail, and metro subway, which means it has great access anywhere. Also, you can get to the airport non-stop.
Shinagawa has many parks and walking paths, as well as tree-lined streets. Many shops have attractive exteriors. It also has great support for parents raising children, and living here is comparably cheap, so it is gaining popularity among younger people.

Area information of Nishi OiStation

Nishi-Ooi station is in Shinagawa ward in Tokyo, along the JR Yokosuka and Shonan-Shinjuku lines. It opened in 1986, and was added as a Shonan-Shinjuku stop in 2001, though only as a local stop and not an express stop. Interestingly, the platform is underneath the rails of the Shinjuku line. Average daily ridership is 15,000 people, a number which has held steady. Stairs, escalators, and elevators connect the ticket gate to the platform, and there is an accessible bathroom in the station as well.

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