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Ichikawa city is in the west of Chiba prefecture, bordering the Edogawa river and Tokyo. It is a city with lots of green and nature too. It also has old temples, shrines, and roads.

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The south part of the city has many factories, and in the north they grow pears, and there are other farms too.

Things to see

The Ichikawa City Zoo has red pandas, orangutans, emus, and many more animals. You can also pet guinea pigs and other small animals. There is also a botanical garden and greenhouse storing many different kinds of plants.
Ichikawa is also home to one of the main shrines in Nichiren Buddhism, Hokekyoji. Hokekyoji was built in the Kamakura period as a sort of merger between the Hoke and Honmyo temples. There are many things of interest within the grounds, such as the pagoda and paintings. The Shogyoden within the temple is famous for holding the writings of Nichiren, one of the most famous monks in the Kamakura period. The sakura trees here are also very beautiful in the spring.


Ichikawa is served not only by the JR lines but also the Shinjuku metro line and Keisei line, giving it great access to the city or Haneda airport. There is also plenty of shopping around main stations, such as Nikke Colton Plaza, with many shops, restaurants, and a movie theater. There is also a branch of the Ise Grand Shrine, called Orihime Shrine, and nearby you can also see the ancient Onitaka prehistoric site.