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Matsudo city is in the northwest of Chiba and borders both Tokyo and Saitama. Matsudo is served by 6 train lines with over 20 stations. It's also a great place to raise children, with many pediatric hospitals.。

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Matsudo city is in the northwest of Chiba, bordering Tokyo and Saitama. It is served by the JR Joban and Musashino lines, Shin-Keisei, Tobu, Ryutetsu, and Hokuso lines, with over 20 stations between them. There are many places to see history and nature, and there are also libraries and sports centers too. The city also supports families, and has many pediatrics facilities.

Things to see

One thing about Matsudo is that it has many parks. The Tojogaoka Historical Park lies on the grounds of the grand residence of Tokugawa Akitake, younger brother of Tokugawa Yoshinobu, the last governor of the old Mito province. The residence itself has been designated as an important cultural property. Also, the Oyaguchi Historical Park was established to preserve the ruins of Kogane Castle, and several archaeological features still remain. Matsudo also contains the Forest and Park for the 21st Century, which could fit 11 Tokyo Domes inside it, as well as the Higashi-Matsudo Yuinohana Park, with over 200 species of flowers and trees.


Matsudo City supports child-rearing and has many pediatric hospitals. The city has around 15 places where mothers and their young children up to 3 years of age can use. It is a great place for children and parents to socialize. At each play area there is a city-designated coordinator who is available for consultation. Among the many different kinds of pediatric centers are specialists who are hired from other prefectures as well, providing diagnostic and emergency medicine for children under 15.