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Sagamihara city is in the north of Kanagawa prefecture, surrounded by the city and nature. It is well-equipped as a convenient place to live, with good roads, parks, businesses, and other things for your lifestyle, not to mention the lakes and mountains.

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Sagamihara, in the north of Kanagawa, has both city areas and places of nature. There are lakes and mountains, and good roads, parks, businesses, schools, and it is a convenient place to live.
There is plenty of nature to be found in the west of the city, such as the Tanzawa mountains and Sagamihara lake, which are very beautiful. The city area is in the eastern part.

Things to see

Sagamihara city has a population of 700,000 people. There are many parks and places to go camping and see the rivers and lakes and mountains as a family or with friends. One of the most famous mountains in the Kanto region, Mt. Sekiro, was one of the historical great places from which to see Mt. Fuji. It is a popular spot with many hiking courses.


Sagamihara is a convenient city, with department stores, large shopping centers, and more. There are also libraries, museums, and public halls.
Sagamihara is also famous for its traditional festivals, such as the Kite Festival, Hashimoto Tanabata Festival, and Sagamihara Fireworks Festival. The Kite Festival has been held since 1830. Giant kites up to 14.5m across can be seen flying in the sky. Also, every winter, all the camping and barbecue areas, parks, and other resort areas put up illumination displays. It is one of the biggest illumination events in the Kanto region, using over 6 million bulbs to create a fantastic scene.