Women-only share houses and apartments in Kanagawa




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Women-only share houses in Kanagawa

This is a feature on our women-only houses in KanagawaIf you are a woman living in a share house for the first time, you can feel at ease staying at one of our women-only houses.Oakhouse has the largest number of women-only rooms in Japan!We believe you will be able to find the perfect house for you, either by searching by area, train line, or keywords.


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Newest houses in Kanagawa

This is a list of our freshest and newest houses. Everything about these houses is brand new, from the interior to the provided facilities. A brand new house is a great and fun way for everyone to make a fresh start with their lifestyle and make new friends. We hope you feel the same sense of excitement about our new houses as we do.

Special campaign house info

Anyone can get ¥10,000 yen worth of PAO points by registering! Valid for 6 months!Use PAO points to get a discount when moving in!Get ¥10,000 yen worth of PAO points by registering as an Oak Fellows now!

Panorama View houses

You can drag the screen with your mouse to get a full view of the house.