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Yokohama, on the east side of Kanagawa prefecture, is a surprisingly diverse place with a rich history. Lying on the coast, it contains the well-planned Minato Mirai 21 area, and the Den-en-toshi line takes people to high-priced residential areas in the mountains.


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Yokohama is on the Tokyo Bay, in the east of Kanagawa prefecture. It has a unique history and a high degree of diversity.
There are many places in Yokohama where you can feel the mood of many different countries and cultures. Perhaps the most famous spot in Yokohama is its very own Chinatown, with over 200 restaurants serving authentic Chinese food. The Motomachi/Yamate area is home to several examples of European architecture, such as the British House Yokohama, which was originally built as the British Consular Residence, and the Bluff No. 18, originally built toward the end of the Taisho period.

Things to see

Minato Mirai 21 is a unique area built along the coast. Landmark Tower, often called the symbol of Yokohama, is surrounded by other high-rises, shopping malls, and hotels. In addition, it also has many areas such as parks and public square. The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, built in 1930, is purposefully reminiscent of the era when the port was first opened, and nearby you can see the Nippon Maru museum ship in the harbor.
Another area of interest in Yokohama is the hilly area that is served by the Den-en-toshi line, full of luxury apartments. Areas along this train line have many places of beautiful nature, hospitals and other services, and so it is a popular place to live. Tama Plaza station for example is home to the Tama Plaza Terrace, a popular shopping area. It is just 30 minutes from Shibuya.


Yokohama station is served by many different train lines: 4 JR lines, 4 private railway lines, and 1 subway line. It connects places within Yokohama and outside of it as well, and many people use it every day. It is only 30 minutes to Shibuya from Yokohama station, and you can also get to Shinagawa in 20 minutes without transferring.
There are also many places for families to have fun in Yokohama. Yokohama Hakkei Sea Paradise is an aquarium with 4 different themes, with various attractions as well, enjoyable by all. In the south of Yokohama city is the Yokohama Kanazawa Zoo, with many rare herbivorous species.