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Saitama Kawaguchi

Kawaguchi city is in the south of Saitama prefecture. It’s very convenient for commuting to Tokyo for work or school. It’s also a great place to raise kids, and is a convenient place to live.

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Kawaguchi is in the south part of Saitama. Since the Edo period it has been known as a place for craftspeople. Just over the Arakawa river is Tokyo, so it is a convenient bedroom town for commuting. It is also a model city for raising a family.

Things to see

At the Kawaguchi City Green Center, you can see many plants and flowers including plum, sakura, roses, peonies, camellias, and more. There is also a large greenhouse, as well as a 600-meter mini-train, and a high viewing platform with a slide you can go down. It’s a great place to spend all day. In the summer it has a pool, and in the winter you can enjoy ice skating. The Kawaguchi Science Museum has a large planetarium, and the Kawaguchi Art Gallery Atelier showcases many artists. There are many great facilities run by the city.


Kawaguchi is also convenient with large shopping centers, department stores, and shopping streets. It has undergone beautification efforts since 2007.

The Japanese government has declared Kawaguchi city as a model city for raising families. There are many day care services and schools, perfect for raising children.