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Saitama Niiza

Niiza city is in the southwest of Saitama prefecture. Historically it was known as a transportation hub and place to stay while traveling, and today it is known as a bedroom town for Tokyo.

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The name “Niiza” comes from the old Japanese word for the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla. It was named in the year 758, and many people from Silla came to live here. The name gradually morphed over time until 1970 when it officially became Niiza city.

Things to see

Heirin temple is a famous spot in Niiza. It used to be in Saitama city, but after it burned down it was moved to Niiza in the 1600s. It is a great spot to walk around and look at the many varieties of trees, which are especially beautiful in the autumn when they turn red.

The Nobidome Aqueduct is also a famous spot. It was diverted from the Tamagawa river in 1655 to provide drinking water. There are many walking paths set up nearby.


Niiza city is putting effort into public health. They provide hospice, disease prevention, and other health promotion services in 36 places around the city. During the Health Festival, you can consult with medical professionals and get diagnostics in interesting and fun ways.