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Tokorozawa city is in the southwest of Saitama, bordering Tokyo. It has good access to Tokyo and has plenty of nature, and the population has seen growth recently. The areas around the stations are bustling with convenient shops, but go a little further to find quiet neighborhoods.

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Tokorozawa city is in the southwest of Saitama, bordering Tokyo. When it was established in 1950, the population was only 40,000 people, and there were tea fields and other agriculture. Because of its good access to Tokyo, it has seen a growth in recent years, and now it has over 340,000 people. The station areas are shopping areas, but go a little further to get to quiet neighborhoods. There are leisure facilities, parks, and more, making it an easy place to live.

Things to see

Tokorozawa boasts leisure centers and parks. At the Seibu Amusement Park, you can see cherry blossoms in the spring, swim in the pool in the summer or watch fireworks, see fall colors in the autumn, and ice skate in the winter. It's popular with families and couples. Don't forget about Seibu Dome, either. The baseball team Seibu Lions call it their home, but it also holds concerts, flea markets, and other events. The Tokorozawa Aviation Memorial Park is another popular spot. It's the first place in Japan that flight was performed, and the park was built to commemorate this. At the Tokorozawa Aviation Museum you can learn about aviation, technology, and history.


Tokorozawa city is served by the Seibu Shinjuku line and the Seibu Ikebukuro line. From Tokorozawa station you can get to Shinjuku in 30 minutes. Also, there are shops around the station for your convenience. There is a large supermarket, variety goods, clothing, and restaurants. There are also many large hospitals. With all of this, plus the amusement park and other parks, it is a convenient lifestyle.