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Bunkyo ward, in the middle of the eastern wards of Tokyo

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Bunkyo ward in Tokyo has an area of 11.29 square kilometers and has 200,000 residents. There are many residential areas, but it has great transportation and businesses. During the day it holds 300,000 people, which means that 100,000 people are coming here from outside the ward to work or study. This area is quite old, and there are 28 archaeological sites in Bunkyo that date from the prehistoric Jomon period, which means that people were living here from 18,000 years ago. In the Edo period, Bunkyo was the site of the daimyo residence of the Maeda clan of Kaga domain, but today it is the site of one of Japan's most prestigious universities. The Meiji period saw many publishing companies spring up around Bunkyo, which attracted authors like Natsume Soseki, Ichiyo Higuchi, and others, and this publishing and writing tradition continues in the ward to this day. After the mergers of Koishikawa ward and Hongo ward, the name of the ward was changed to "Bunkyo" -- literally, "the capital of writing"--the meaning of which reflects the scholarly pursuits of the ward's colleges and publishers.

What to see

There are many things to see in Bunkyo ward. If you like sports or amusement, come see Tokyo Dome city, where you can see boxing or baseball, or visit the amusement park, or relax in an onsen in a high rise. Near Tokyo Dome City is Koishikawa Korakuen gardens, former home of the Mito Tokugawa family, where you can see water lilies and Japanese irises, as well as other plants. Between Tokyo Dome City and the Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line tracks is the civic center, with a viewing platform on the 25st floor where you can see out over Tokyo for free. In the Hongo area to the northeast is Tokyo University, and further north in Komagome is the former residence and grand gardens of the 5th Tokugawa shogun's prime minister Yoshiyasu Yanagizawa. There are also plenty of Shinto shrines around as well.


Bunkyo ward is growin industrially, but many people still live in Hongo, Koishikawa, Hakusan, Otsuka, and Nezu, with old style downtown atmospheres. There are many cool shops in the residential areas, and places for people to gather. Though the old image of Bunkyo ward as a center for learning and writing is waning, it still boasts 15 major universities and there are plans to strengthen education even further.