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Tokyo, Chiyoda ward: the seat of Japanese government and economy

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Chiyoda ward in Tokyo is the center of Japanese government and economics. It is home to the Diet, government organizations and branches, and the Prime Minister's residence. There are also many foreign embassies here, such as Ireland, England, India, Belgium, Portugal, and 9 others, as well as many foreign and international banks. The Supreme Court is also in Chiyoda. The Marunouchi and Otemachi areas of Chiyoda are where Japanese economic powerhouses reside, with international power and acclaim. Though there are plenty of skyscrapers, 15% of Chiyoda is areas of nature. The most representative is the Imperial Palace. It and Hibiya park are particularly beautiful.

Things to see

The Imperial Palace is probably the best known. It is easily accessible from Tokyo station, and there is a beautiful fountain with a restaurant nearby. Entrance is free to the gardens, and many Japanese people and foreigners alike come to visit. There is a museum on the Imperial grounds, and you can see many important art and items. Kitanomaru Park has the Nippon Budokan, where many events and large concerts are held. There is also the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art. People also come to visit this area when the sakura bloom.


Because Chiyoda is the center of business and government, while during the day it sees 800,000 people, at night a mere 50 thousand live here. Kojimachi is the most expensive area in the ward, with between 35 to 40% of all residences in the ward here. It is becoming more popular to live here as more businesses flourish. As a result, working seniors make up 40% of residents. Families are also increasing. To accommodate all these businesspeople, there are many convenience stores and supermarkets, and people report high satisfaction living here. There are also many easy places to grab a bite to eat if you are working late.