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Hachioji is a city in Tokyo that lies 35 km to the west of the 23 special wards. It is a bedroom town surrounded by nature and a great place to raise a family.

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Area overview

Hachioji city is home to Hachioji station on the JR Chuo line and Keio line. It has a wide area, with mountains and nature in the west. You can get to Shinjuku by train in 50 minutes, or use convenient motorways. There are also many parks in which to enjoy Hachioji's bountiful nature.

Things to see

Hachioji has many great spots of nature, the most popular being Mt. Takao. There is a cable car to get you easily up the mountain. At the top, there is a famous Buddhist temple as well as a monkey park. In the summer, they do a beer garden. In the north, there are the remains of Takiyama castle, if you are interested in history. There are 5,000 sakura trees planted there, so it looks gorgeous in the spring. There are also many places that offer hot springs, restaurants, and camping along the river.


Hachioji is a place where families live and commute to school or work. It has a population of 580,000 people. Because it has many shopping areas around its stations and acts as a bedroom town where they can get into the city within an hour, it is easy for salarymen to live here. If you have a car, there are many furniture stores and shopping centers along highways 20 and 16. In the west of Hachioji city, there are places to go camping or play by the river as well as see nature. It has the best of both the worlds of the city and nature.