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Kurume city in Tokyo is situated in a good place for travel to the metropolitan area, and is a quiet place perfect for raising children.

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Kurume city is about 20km from Tokyo metropolis in the north west. It covers 130,000 square kilometers and has around 51,000 families for a total of 117,000 people. It is served by the Seibu Ikebukuro line and you can get to Ikebukuro in 20 minutes. Areas around major stations are convenient for living and daily life, but there are also many farming fields and nature to be found. There are well-run schools as well, and parks, all perfect for raising children. There are also supermarkets and shopping malls.

Things to see

Kurume is famous for its beautiful natural springs. Many can be found in Chikurin park, which was chosen as one of the most beautiful spots in Tokyo. It contains a lovely bamboo forest. Also, many prehistoric sites from the Jomon and Yayoi periods have been found here. There is a particularly famous Jomon-period site here, with a museum highlighting much of the pottery and stone tools that have been excavated.


Kurume city is a convenient place to live if you work in the metropolitan area. There are 16 public elementary schools and 1 private elementary school, 7 and 2 of junior high schools, and 2 and 1 of high schools. There are plenty of parks to explore and for children to play in. There is a large supermarket near Higashi-Kurume station, and in the south of the city is Aeon Mall Higashi-Kurume, for all your shopping needs.