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Hino city has convenient train access, plenty of nature, and is a great place to raise kids.

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Hino City is about 30km from the center of the city on the west side of Tokyo prefecture. It is served by the JR Chuo line, Keio line, and Tama Monorail. You can get to Shinjuku in 30 minutes on the Keio line, so many people commute into central Tokyo. At major stations Toyoda or Takahatafudo, there are large supermarkets. There are many places where nature can be found in the city, such as the Tamagawa and Asakawa rivers, or the Mogusaen gardens, and there is also the Tama Zoo which is fun for children especially. It has convenient highways that make for pleasant drives.

Things to see

One famous spot in Hino city is the Takahatafudoson temple, perhaps one of the most famous temples in the area. Many people come to visit on the traditional first shrine visit of the new year. Most people pray for safe travel, and cars and their drivers can be blessed by priests there. Within the temple are famous cultural landmarks, such as the Nioh gate. The 5-story pagoda is 40 meters tall and is also a sight to see. The Mogusaen gardens are also popular, with a huge variety of trees and plants that are beautiful in any season. It is most popular in the autumn for its beautiful fall colors. It also has a beautiful recreated traditional Japanese garden.


Hino cities residents tend to live in stand-alone houses as opposed to large apartment buildings. The major stations have convenient shopping centers and supermarkets which make it a fairly convenient place to live. There are universities in neighboring Hachioji and Tama regions so many people in their 20s live here as well. In the furthest north part of Hino flows the Tama river, with lots of green spaces close by, as well as cycling roads and sports to enjoy.