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Katsushika ward: Traditional downtown feeling easy to live in


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Area outline

Katsushika ward is in the eastern part of Tokyo's 23 wards. It borders Chiba prefecture and is the gateway between Tokyo and Chiba. Many rivers flow through this ward, such as the Arakawa, Nakagawa, and Edo rivers. Because of this, this area was extremely popular in the Edo period. Many food was grown and caught in Katsushika, contributing to its development.
Coming into the Meiji period, it was necessary to secure a lot of water for industry, so Katsushika grew into an industrial area. As a result, there are still many industrial manufacturers, such as for steel or bricks. Recently there has been a housing boom, and many areas still retain a traditional downtown atmosphere. It is surprisingly close to the center of Tokyo, so it is easy to live here if you are looking for a livable environment.

Things to see

One of the interesting things in Katsushika is the bridges crossing all the rivers. There are 16 bridges in total, bridging Arakawa and Sumida wards, connecting to Matsudo city, or other major transportation points. The oldest is Yotsubashi, first built in 1922.
There are also many parks. There are also many museums, such as Katsushika City Museum and a museum dedicated to traditional crafts.


Katsushika has many shops, stalls, and markets that have been there for many years. Compared to some other wards, it has a more "at-home" feeling, perhaps. Housing prices tend to be cheaper here.
Katsushika is planning to undertake some renewals in the future. Katsushika has also been the setting for various popular manga and movies. Katsushika will be an area to keep an eye on in the future as it grows.