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Koganei is a city in western Tokyo.

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Koganei city is in the Tama region of Tokyo, lying roughly in the center of Tokyo prefecture, and bordering Chofu, Mitaka, Musashino, Fuchu, Kokubunji, Kodaira, and Nishi-Tokyo cities. There are few factories or businesses, and most of the city is residential areas. There are 6 high schools and 2 universities, and the Tokyo Gakugei University has facilities for pre-school to middle school as well. The Chuo line and Seibu line go through the city. In the north of the city is a park it shares with Kodaira, Nishi-Tokyo, and Musashino cities, called Koganei park. Koganei park has a museum, dog park, baseball field, tennis court, archery course, gateball, and many other facilities that residents can enjoy.

Things to see

Koganei park is the big attractor in the city that draws people from elsewhere in Tokyo. It covers 80 hectares, and extends even outside city limits. Lots of the park is wooded areas and grass, an there are walking paths and places to relax. Many people come here to have barbecues on weekends and holidays. The park also has play areas for kids and an athletic gym. The park is known for its sports facilities too, so apart from the gym you can also play baseball, tennis, gateball, and more here. Around 1,800 cherry trees are planted here, and it is beautiful in the springtime.


40% of Koganei residents commute into central Tokyo. There are not that many shopping centers or entertainment centers within the city, but there are two universities that attract many students, so there are shops and restaurants that cater to young single people. You can get to Shinjuku in 25 minutes from Musashi Koganei station, so it is a quiet and convenient place to live. Along the highway there is a large supermarket and home center, so you can take care of all your living needs.