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Kokubunji city in Tokyo is a great place to refresh while enjoying nature.

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Kokubunji city was formed in 1964, and the population grew as the railway lines were established, and as more factories and research labs were built, so were more apartments and houses. It is located in the Tama region of Tokyo, with good train access on the JR Chuo and Musashino lines, connecting Kokubunji station and Tokyo and Shinjuku stations. It is also a stop on the rapid line so it is good for commuting or shopping in the city. There are many parks and other areas of nature that are great for long walks.

Things to see

There are many popular spots to see in Kokubunji city. There is Tonogaya garden, which was built in the Taisho period, which covers over 21,000 square meters, and has a diverse range of trees and plants, as well as animals and birds. It is very beautiful in the autumn. Within the city is Otaka no michi and the Masugata ponds, which were used as hawk hunting grounds during the Edo period. The area has many natural springs, and people back then gave thanks for the plentiful water by worshipping the goddess Benten. Walking around this area, you will hear the pleasant sounds of water flowing, and if you have good luck, you may even see fireflies.


Kokubunji is a relaxing town with lots of nature, and because it also has good schools it is a good place to raise children, and for adults to find time to refresh. There are many cafes, convenience stores, supermarkets, etc. around the major stations, so it is convenient. Average rent prices here for a 1-room are about 50,000 yen, so it is much cheaper than the center of Tokyo, which is great if you are living on a budget or just prefer frugal living.