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Excluding Tokyo’s islands, Machida city is the southernmost part of Tokyo prefecture. It has a wide area and borders Kanagawa prefecture. It is 40km from central Tokyo, and grew large over time as a bedroom town. It is the 2nd most populous part of Tokyo. Much of it is a hilly area, and there are many areas of farmland. The business centers are mostly around Machida station, and attract many people working from the southern Tama area. There are 4 train lines that cross through the city, taking people to Shinjuku or Yokohama within 30 minutes.

Things to see

Machida is mostly known as a business town, but also as a garden city. There are many areas of farmland, and wooden mountain areas and villages. There are also spots famous for cherry blossoms. There is a mountain here called Nanakuni which has been important since the Kamakura period, and here you can sometimes see tanuki, flying squirrels, and other animals. The west side of the mountain has Yakushi-Ike park, where you can see plum and cherry blossoms in the spring, wisteria and azalea in summer, and more seasonal flowers.


Machida city juts into Kanagawa prefecture making an almost sort of an inland peninsula. The area is geographically isolated enough to have developed its own sort of culture and business. Most residents commute to central Tokyo, but there is also lots of travel and business done between Machida and Yokohama, Kawasaki, and Sagamihara. There are 3 vocational schools in Machida, and 7 universities, making some parts of the town feel like a college town. With easy access to other parts of Tokyo or Kanagawa, it’s a popular place to live.