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Tokyo Minato ward, known for Omotesando, and others

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Area outline

Minato ward is known for Omotesando, Roppongi Hills, Odaiba, and many other popular spots for local and foreign tourists. It is maybe the most popular area in Tokyo to visit. With its history, art, and modern architecture, Minato ward has many popular places for entertainment and shopping, though you can still find temples, downtowns, nature, and arts with an Edo-period flavor. And if you like sports, there's the baseball and rugby grounds. Minato ward lies along Tokyo Bay. Here you can see the Rainbow Bridge which lights up beautifully at night. Take a boat bus and you can see it from the bay. Though it is known for upscale businesses, sightseeing, date spots, and Azabu Juban, it also has many old and historically valuable buildings and quiet places to walk around.

Things to see

There are many things to see in Minato, and you probably won't be able to see them all. First, there is Omotesando, with many international high-end brands. Minami-Aoyama has many antique stores. Incho-Namiki is a 300 meter road with 146 ginkgo trees that many people visit. Also from the World Trade Center in Tokyo, 152 meters in the air, you can see a 360 panorama of the city and have dinner on the 39th floor. You can take a cruise that goes from Odaiba to Asakusa or back. It also goes to Ryogoku.


Minato ward lifestyle is bold and simple, high-class and common. A lot of foreigners also live in this ward so you may hear English or other languages spoken sometimes. Azabu Juban is now known for its extremely high-class residences, but it has a 300 year history and an atmosphere to match. There are also nice walking routes that take you through various temples and old historical residences. And don't forget Roppongi, with many high-end bars, shopping, and nightlife. All in all, Minato is a place where people like to have fun.