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Nakano ward is a popular and easily-accessible area of Tokyo.

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Area Overview

Nakano covers 16 square kilometers and has a large population at 322,000 people. It is easily accessible by the JR Chuo line, as well as the Seibu Shinjuku and Tokyo Metro Marunouchi lines. For this reason, many workers and students choose to live here. By using any of those train lines you can get to Shinjuku in 10 minutes. Nakano also has plenty of shopping and parks, and though it is increasingly popular with younger people, it also has higher real estate prices than some other areas.

Things to see

Around Nakano station and other terminal stations, there are concert calls, restaurants, and other amusement centers. The concert halls attract big artists. There is a planetarium near the south exit of Nakano station. There is also a bustling shopping area. There are also many parks to enjoy, such as Heiwa no Mori park, Tetsugakudo Park, Ekoda no Mori Park, and Nakano Shiki no Mori Park. Also, a large new shopping and recreation area called Nakano Central Park has been built, with many shops, restaurants, and greenery. Near Nakano station is Nakano Broadway, which has countless small shops geared toward otaku culture, leading many to call it the "other Akihabara".


Nakano boasts a larger population, but there are not many office buildings. More people live in Nakano than work there. Demographically, there are many people in their 20s and 30s. Until 1995 the population was on a downward trend, but as the area become more popular more people moved in.