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Nishi-Tokyo city is a city in the east of the Tama region in Tokyo prefecture, bordering the special 23 wards to the west.

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Many people from Nishi-Tokyo city commute into more central parts of the city for work or school. The city is served by the Seibu Shinjuku and Ikebukuro lines, and transferring from the Ikebukuro line gets you onto the Marunouchi subway line for convenient access to the Tokyo metropolis. The south side of the city is well served by busses that can get you to Kichijoji station or Mitaka station. Nishi-Tokyo city was created by a merger of Tanashi and Hoya cities, and the busier section of the city is in what was the Tanashi area. There is a shopping center near Tanashi station and plenty of places to each and drink. The city hall is in the Hoya area. Though it is close to central Tokyo, it also has lots of green and nature, with many farm fields in the Hoya area, with farmers selling their crops.

Things to see

Nature is the most popular thing to see in Nishi-Tokyo. First, there is a bicycle path along the Tama lake that is about 102 meters, going from Musashino city to Nishi-Tokyo city. Next is the Higashi-Fushimi Inari shrine. The Fushimi shrine is most well-known in Kyoto, but the Fushimi inari shrine in Nishi-Tokyo was established in 1929. The Senkawa river was also restored to flow through here in 1989, with beautiful trees lining the way that look amazing in the autumn. There are also places where you can learn about history in Nishi-Tokyo, and a planetarium showcasing 140 million stars.


Tanashi and Hoya stations connect Nishi-Tokyo to the rest of the central city by way of the Seibu Shinjuku and Ikebukuro lines. Shopping can be found alongside most of the stations, with supermarkets and drugstores. There are also stands selling organic produce. Many people enjoy going to Kichijoji on their days off. It is a 10-minute bus ride from Yagisawa station. The bus network is well-run and it is easy to get to many other places from Nishi-Tokyo.