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Ota, Tokyo: Japan's hub airport, Haneda

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Tokyo's Ota ward is in the south along Tokyo bay. It lies along the Tama river next to Kawasaki city in Kanagawa, and it also borders Shinagawa, Meguro, and Setagaya wards. Ota was created as a result of the merger of Omori and Kamata wards in 1947. The name was formed from both the old names too: the "O" from Omori and the "ta" from Kamata. As a result of this merger, Ota has the largest area of Tokyo's 23 wards. This area is at the edge of the Musashino plateau and borders the sea and river, so it has been an easy place to live for a long time. It is also home to the 5-story pagoda at Ikegami Honmon Temple, a shell mound dating from the prehistoric Jomon period, as well as a group of tombs dated to the 4th or 5th century CE. Since the great Kanto earthquake, there have been many high-scale residences built, and the area is also known for its amount of greenery and factories. Ota also contains Haneda airport, the gateway to Tokyo's skies, with both a domestic and international terminal.

Things to see

Most people are probably familiar with Haneda airport. Inside Haneda airport is a shopping area made the recreate the look and feel of the Edo period, which is popular among foreign visitors. It has goods and food from all over Japan. Also, there is the TOKYO POP TOWN shop, where you can buy goods based on anime characters. Ikegami Honmon Temple is a Nichiren Buddhist temple from the Kamakura period, with a grand 5-story pagoda. Each year between October 11th and 13th, there is a elegant festival there honoring the saints.


Ota has put most of its strength into preserving its nature and supporting athletics. Near Ryutsu Center station on the bayside monorail, there is a birdwatching park where you can see not only birds but other animals and plants all year round. The ward has been active in promoting physical activities and sports-- not only participation, but watching as well. The ward has created many opportunities to participate in local competitions in various sports at its gyms. Residents of Ota have a lifestyle full of communication through sports.