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Setagaya is a special ward in the southwest of Tokyo that has a population of 900,000 people. It is a popular area with many high-end residential areas, and the population is only increasing. Even though it has many residential areas, it also maintains good shopping areas, such as swanky Futago-Tamagawa or the unique personality of the area of Shimo-Kitazawa, not to mention Sakura-Shincho, Chitose-Karasuyama, and Shimotakaido. Setagaya is known as a cultural center. Carrot Tower in Sangenjaya is host to many arts businesses, and Shimokitazawa has theaters for stage shows. Setagaya is often on the forefront of social welfare. It has some of the best prenatal care, as well as measures to help raise children, such as creating more daycare centers. It also creates much renewable energy.

Things to see

Setagaya has a lot of nature. Komazawa Olympic park is a huge park and sports center, and there are many other parks in Setagaya as well. There are also many lanes lined with sakura trees. Todoroki valley also has a beautiful waterfall only a few minutes from Todoroki station, and it is beautiful in the fall. Futago-Tamagawa has department stores and shopping malls, Shimo-Kitazawa has hip shops and cafes, and Sangenjaya is a hidden place great for shopping and living: Setagaya has many faces.


Many people live in Setagaya and commute to other areas of Tokyo. Its daytime population is actually lower. In the morning, the Odakyu line, Den-en-toshi line, Keio lines are crowded, but this has seen change in recent years. Setagaya is one of the fastest growing wards in Tokyo. It has brand power, and great child-raising environments. As a result, prices and rents are rising. On the other hand, it is also seeing an increase in older people, so the government has been putting effort toward accommodating them as well.