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Shinjuku is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo. It is the center of Tokyo's governmental administration, centered around an area full of skyscrapers. It is also home to the famous Kabukicho entertainment district, and is a very popular area.

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Area overview

Shinjuku station, in Shinjuku, is the busiest station in all of Japan. It is the terminal station for several train lines, serving many, many people working and studying. It is known for being a main center for youth culture and trends. It may have an image of a city that never sleeps, but taking a closer look, it is also sounded by the residential communities of Kagurazaka, Ichigaya, Waseda, Yotsuya, Okuba, Ochiai, and more. In Shinjuku you can find business, residences, places with long histories, recently booming areas, and international flavor. You can find nature in Shinjuku Gyoen park and Meiji Jingu Gaien park for an oasis in the overwhelming city. Needless to say, it is easy to see why Shinjuku is such a popular destination for overseas travelers.

Things to see

Shinjuku is a perfect Tokyo example of the blend between old and new. In Kagurazaka, you can find high-scale gourmet restaurants off of old cobblestone roads and historical buildings. Okubo has historically been a place where Korean immigrants settled, and is still known as Tokyo's Korea-town. Here you can find great Korean dining. Shopping is also plentiful and popular in Shinjuku. You can find hip clothes for young people, or high end brands at any of the department stores. Electronics stores are also popular with Japanese and foreigners alike. The blending of history, other cultures, and shopping make Shinjuku popular.


The city that never sleeps is really a moniker that should be reserved for the area immediately around Shinjuku station, as there are many residential areas further out that are very livable. Kagurazaka, Ichigaya, Waseda, and Ochiai are fast-growing bedroom towns. There are also many well-known and large parks in Shinjuku. Shinjuku station is so busy because it is so convenient. There you can take buses to the airport or other far-flung places. Though there aren't very many large supermarkets in Japan, you will still be able to find places to buy groceries and sundries.