If you have to move out of a Leopalace building

Oakhouse Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Hiroki Yamanaka

In response to the issue of construction defects found in Leopalace Corporation buildings, Oakhouse Co., Ltd. and Interwhao Co., Ltd. have begun providing share houses and apartments to Leopalace customers forced to move.

This is a busy season for moving, and it is easy to imagine that it can be difficult to find a new place to live.
With our share houses and apartments, no key money or gift money is required, and no guarantor is needed. All rooms are fully furnished, and come with free internet, so you can start your lifestyle from the day you move in.

You can also move in as soon as 3 days after making an application.
Plus, due to the fact that customers in this situation may find themselves with sudden moving expenses, we are offering cash-back on the contract handling fee, which will be returned when you decide to move out.

We accept residents of all nationalities, as well as individual and corporrate contracts.

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