Oakhouse measures against the new coronavirus COVID-19




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Oakhouse measures against the new coronavirus COVID-19

From the perspective of preventing the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19, Oakhouse Co., Ltd. (hereafter "Oakhouse") is implementing the following measures. Updates will be provided as they are made.

(1) Cancellations of those whose travel to Japan has been restricted due to government policy

Those who have completed an Oakhouse reservation but have had their travel to Japan restricted will have the cancellation fee waived.

(2) Those who have been requested to self-isolate after arriving in Japan due to government policy

For those who have completed an Oakhouse reservation, arrived in Japan, and have been requested to quarantine and self-isolate at home, in the case that an Oakhouse property has been given permission by the government of Japan to be a place of isolation, as a safety measure you can move into an Oakhouse apartment.
(Not available for share house. If there are no apartment openings you must secure a temporary location on your own.)

In such case, daily-calculated rent for the apartment, condo fee, and post-move out cleaning fee will be charged.

If after the isolation period you have been tested and deemed to have no problems, you can move into the room you reserved previously.
*If in the worst case infection has been confirmed, you may be asked to cover disinfection fees for the room. You may also be charged for the rent for the waiting period after infection has been confirmed.
*When moving to the waiting place, in accordance with government directives, please do not take public transportation such as train, bus, taxi, etc.
*Please understand that we are carrying out this response in adherence with government policy.

(3) Restriction on Oakhouse-sponsored events

Oakhouse-sponsored events scheduled to have been held at Oakhouse properties are cancelled for the time being.

(4) Measures for those who are currently living in Oakhouse house

Recommendation of hand washing and gargling

Provision of alcohol disinfectant and soap (provided depending on availability)

Request that residents refrain from gathering in groups for meals, etc.

Oakhouse will continue to put our residents' health at the utmost priority, and act in accordance with government policy.
We sincerely apologize to our residents and other customers for any inconvenience due to these matters, but sincerely appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

March 25th 2020

April 17th 2020 added information

As part of Oakhouse’s efforts to prevent infection, from March 31st 2020 we have prohibited the following actions.

Outside visitors and overnight guests

Oakhouse asks that residents refrain from the following actions as much as possible.

Gatherings of or meals shared by groups of multiple people

We also request cooperation regarding the following:

Sufficiently ventilating rooms by opening windows, etc.

Oakhouse has also implemented the following for employees of the Shibuya main office:

Implementation of remote work from home for employees

Suspension of visits to customers by employees

Implementation of observation and follow-up regarding health status of employees

Further implementing online meetings

Oakhouse will continue to make efforts to prevent the spread of infection and implement appropriate and necessary measures to put the safety of our residents, employees, and stake-holders at the top priority.

April 17th, 2020

April 21st 2020 added information

On Wednesday April 17th at around 12:00 PM, we received notice that an Oakhouse employee living on the 2nd floor of Oak Mansion Omori (apartment type) received a PCR test, and was diagnosed as positive for the new coronavirus. The employee is currently receiving treatment at a hospital, and their condition is improving.

By directive of the Ota Ward Public Health Center, on April 18th from 10:00 AM the shared spaces at Oak Mansion Omori was disinfected. According to the Ota Ward Public Health Center, the risk of infection passing from objects is extremely low, and as time goes on the risk is lessened. We sincerely apologize for causing worry to residents. In addition to carrying out the disinfection, we will follow the directives of the Ota Ward Public Health Center and implement any necessary and appropriate measures.

Also, please rest assured that the employee has not visited any other Oakhouse buildings.

■Sequence of events
-April 14th: went to health center, and considering the symptoms the physician contacted the Public Health Center
-April 16th: received PCT test and then admitted to the hospital
-April 17th: diagnosed as positive for new coronavirus. Currently in hospital
-April 18th: Oak Mansion Omori shared spaces disinfected

We sincerely apologize for causing worry to residents, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

April 21st, 2020