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Save as a family

Live comfortably as a family.

Live comfortably as a family.

At Oakhouse, we have rooms perfect for a family to live comfortably.
In this report, we’ve collected rooms that are good for 3 or more people.

Most are apartment type rooms, with plenty of privacy.
There are also some rooms with more than 1 bedroom, good for families of 2 or more people.

For rooms at larger share houses, you will also have access to convenient shared facilities.

And of course, no key money, gift money, or guarantor required.
Rooms are fully furnished, and have internet.

A family room at an Oakhouse share house or apartment could be great if you need a temporarily place to live while waiting on a new house to be built, or if you’re temporarily overseas as a family.
We also welcome families who wish to stay long-term.

Find a new rental style for families at Oakhouse.